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Mr .NOUREDDIN EL JAKANI the CEO & Founder of NOMADE EXPERIENCE GROUP , desert born has been running the agency since 13 years.
Born in a nomad family, Noureddin El Jakani has more than 13 years experience organising retreats in the desert. He started as a guide in the desert organising tours for travelers who come to experience the true nomadic lifestyle of the Sahara people. Nowadays, after extensive experience organising tours in the desert, he owns and operates a well known tour agency in Marrakech and travels up to 7 times a year abroad to promote his beloved country to the world.

NOMADE EXPERIENCE GROUP has experienced employees in the headquarters in Marrakech who together with Noureddin make sure they successfully plan and coordinate your holiday in Morocco 24/7. The agency has also several drivers, guides and vehicles available exclusively to our clients. The desert camp has a team with long experience in hospitality available on site. The local Chef and cooks make sure you have the best culinary experiences Morocco can offer.


After many years of experience and organized tours in morocco and many international travelling around the world, Mr El Jakani Noureddin decided to Open the travel agency in Morocco at the magic city Marrakech to offer Packagres in all Morocco .

Each package we offer at Nomade Experience Travel & Events has been fully tested by us and our recent guest to make sure that we provide the best and affordable option for our precious clients. We do not sell anything except a product or service tested by professional and approved by the authority. We work alongside with our best luxury partners by providing our guests with properties, Camps in the desert with fully furnished tents, camels ready to ride, ballooning, 5 star Chalets, Villas and Riads, Yachts, Quad biking, 4×4 safari in the desert, cooking lesson, private and public event planning & management restaurant reservations, private flights, private chefs and many more to come. The Aim of  Nomade Experience Travel & Events   is to provide the best quality service, build a strong and long term relationship with our clients. With more than 15 years of experience and expertise, our company is dedicated to assist you all the way during your stay in Morocco  and you will be served with our best service available,

Are fully qualified and regulated by the government with number N° 37D/15 Our vehicles are owned by the agency with a guarantee of comfort and safety.


As will we decided to start a new adventure by installing his own luxury camps in erg Chebbi in order to make people taste the real lifestyle of luxury accommodation and also to provide the best quality service for travelers from all part of the globe. We offer a highly-recommended service for our guest. We will not accept anything other than perfection and we are always doing our best to preserve the little things that always matter for you. Everyone at The Sandy Tents love traveling and we understand that each trip is really important to you and your loved ones our team in Marrakech and all over morocco are always available to advise you and give you the most information you need to know about us and your journey. Also, our local team in Merzouga will be available for any service or help you’ll need during your stay with us. The local population is Arabs and Berbers generally welcoming and friendly. The tents are fully furnished with all the amenities needed for all your unforgettable journey with us. We also have camels ready to ride a friendly journey with you in the dunes and you can also enjoy the beauty of sunset in Sahara.


We do have our Owen Company of transportation Morocco desert Experience ( Min Bus , 4×4 , Van……..) We have the best drivers that know Morocco very well and they are very professional, all our Vehicles they have wifi & AC   .